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Cardiovascular drugs With bradycardia and other types of arrhythmia - antiarrhythmic drugs, M-anticholinergics, beta-adrenomimetics, cardiotonics, antispasmodics with myotropic action; Ischemic heart disease - antiarrhythmic drugs (class III), vasodilators, complex medicines (based on adenosine, etc.). It is worth considering that with regard to the administration of indirect anticoagulants, a careful dose adjustment is required if they are prescribed against the background of combined hormones, Thyrotome and analogues; Atherosclerotic vascular lesions - angioprotectors, antiplatelet agents, lipid-lowering compounds, statins, tonic drugs. Decongestants for hypothyroidism Diuretics are only potassium-sparing, and those that are chosen by the attending physician, since pharmaceutical diuretics noticeably affect water-salt metabolism, but at the same time they do not always effectively and sufficiently eliminate tissue hyperhydration, especially with myxedema edema (its cause is a violation of fat metabolism, not liquids); Herbs and fees - also only after approval by a specialist (perhaps lingonberry leaves, rose hips, St. John's wort, etc., if their effect does not affect the increase in pressure, the work of the cardiovascular system); Diet is a prerequisite for hypothyroidism complicated by edema, is an effective aid to the main treatment, helps to reduce tissue overhydration. The consumption of rapidly digestible carbohydrates and any fats should be minimized, and in the presence of significant excess weight, efforts should be made to reduce body weight. You must always remember that in no case can you choose symptomatic remedies on your own, and even more so their dosage, this can only lead to a deterioration in health. It is also necessary to take into account the compatibility of various medications - an incorrect choice can definitely affect the quality, comfort of therapy and the speed of recovery for thyroid diseases.

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    The intake of synthetic hormones that mimic those that the thyroid gland produces outside of pathology is indicated not only for hypothyroidism. At the planning stage of conception, stimulatory and prophylactic treatment with pharmaceutical analogues of hormones produced by the thyroid gland is often resorted to, even if hypothyroidism is absent or is at a poorly diagnosed subclinical stage.

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    When hypothyroidism is detected after pregnancy, most of the hormonal drugs mentioned can be freely prescribed by an observing specialist without harm to the mother and fetus. Dosage adjustment is necessary only at the stage of breastfeeding, and this applies to thyroxine preparations - the substance can penetrate into breast milk, but being non-toxic, it does not have a negative effect on the baby's health.

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    It should be noted that a timely untreated thyroid gland in pregnant women is extremely rare, since there is a direct relationship between hypothyroidism and the difficulty of conception, including infertility. Pregnant women or those planning to have a child must definitely support the thyroid gland by taking laboratory-synthesized hormones, especially after a previously performed resection, a course of radioiodine therapy, in case of autoimmune diseases. In these cases, the maximum dosage is prescribed without preliminary preparation of the minimum concentration. Again, there is no negative impact on the fetus in these cases.

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The property of pharmaceutical analogues of hormones produced by the thyroid gland is that synthetic derivatives do not cross the placenta. Unlike most other medicines, it is in thyroid gland therapy that the preference is always given to the treatment of hypothyroidism when assessing any possible risks.
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